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Goal: 10,000,000

10 @ 10: The Million

In 1998, Sen. Loren Legarda organized Luntiang Pilipinas to raise the level of awareness of the value of trees by the Filipino public. Since then, with the valuable assistance of our institutional partners and corporate sponsors, the greening movement has been steadfast in achieving its goal of establishing forest parks in numerous towns and cities, schools and universities as well as along major highways and thoroughfares nationwide. Two million trees have since been planted and cared for through this initiative of Sen. Legarda, a highly-respected and multi-awarded ecological warrior and environmental advocate.

Now, more than ever, with the onslaught of global warming and the devastating effects of climate change, Luntian firmly stands at the forefront of the crusade for environmental protection and preservation. Believing that greening the environment can help mitigate the threats of global warming to the health, security and lives of the Filipino people, Luntian, now on its 10th year, continues to persevere in carrying out its solemn thrust of caring for the environment.

Last October 14, 2008, Luntiang Pilipinas launched its newest project called "10 @ 10". In celebration of its 10th anniversary, the organization launched its 10 million trees online campaign to complement ongoing tree-planting activities as well as other government efforts in minimizing the risks caused by this global phenomenon. Similar to the United Nations Environment Programme enjoining the planting of 7 billion trees by the end of 2009, this nationwide campaign encourages the valuable contribution of individuals, private corporations and businesses as well as national and local government agencies in planting 10 million trees in areas of their choice by 2011 to help strengthen the country's capacity for carbon sequestration through which carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed by trees, plants and crops through natural processes.

Interested parties may enter their pledges to plant as many trees as they can online and once their pledges are registered into the database, Luntiang Pilipinas will acknowledge their participation in the form of a pledge of commitment card to be issued in their name. Such pledge cards may also serve as discount cards in selected establishments, courtesy of Luntiang Pilipinas' merchant partners. Pledgers shall also be responsible for the actual tree-planting and shall be encouraged to send in photos or videos to document their activities and to monitor the progress and growth of the trees to be planted. Luntiang Pilipinas has entered into memoranda of agreement with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Bureau of Plant Industry of the Department of Agriculture (DA) which shall serve as the monitoring networks in implementing this campaign. The mechanics, ongoing tally of pledges and documentations submitted shall be posted in

Through this important activity, Luntiang Pilipinas hopes to forge stronger partnerships and broaden its network with various stakeholders from all sectors of our society in the hope of securing a better, cleaner and safer environment for our children and our children's children.